10 Shades of Michael Jackson

Rosalie and I took 12 photos from Flickr of Michael Jackson and put them inĀ  chronological order of his life. We took a color sample of MJ’s skin and then took each of the images and had how-old.net do an image analysis of how old the program thinks Michael Jackson is. We then combined the color palette with the ages, which was pretty interesting to see as in the later years of MJ’s career he did things to try to saveĀ  his youth but as we can see he jumped from looking 29-66 or unrecognizable. Then using Photoshop’s autoblend, we combined the photos to see if we can morph his face together. An alternative approach was slicing MJ’s face together through the time of his career and placing it over the final image of his life where he is throwing up the peace sign. This gives some context to who MJ was and stood for and why he is and will always be the King. MJ

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