Metadata: Week 1

Part 1: Create a data visualization of some dimension of your camera roll’s EXIF data.
Part 2: Create a ranking/filtering recipe to select an interesting subset of photos from your camera roll.

First, I mapped out my photos from September 2014 – March 2015 (2,374 photos) into clusters on a Carto DB map and made it into a gif. It was interesting to see all the areas in NYC that I cover, especially the random single photo nodes that are in random neighborhoods like Glenn Head and Inwood. It was also interesting to see how parallel my nodes are to each other, that it looks like I systematically take photos with some type of structural intention in mind.

I dove deeper into the exif data  and looked into Brightness and Altitude elements of my photos.

we1Some discoveries include: most of my darkest photos are in bars, I like to take photos when there is bright lighting, when I am really high..altitude I like to take scenic photos, I live a lot of my life between 20-50 meters and at a given event such as a wedding I can take up to 54 photos (even if it is not deliberate). Moving forward, I want to include time so that I can make more supported conclusions about my photography behavior and my life.


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