PComp System Diagram

Here is a system diagram for Seiya and I’s PComp Final.

System Diagram - Nap Chat

Just to reiterate, we are making an alarm clock that your friends are able to wirelessly select the tone that the user is woken up by, through the interface of a stuffed animal (animal TBD). There will be a push-button in the stuffed animal’s paw to turn off the alarm after it goes off, which will then trigger an email to the user that your friend turned off the alarm successfully. We are debating whether or not to put LEDs on the interface but that will be decided later. Our testing plan will be making a website where people can check the time of the alarm and select the tone that will be played on the stuff animal and have the stuffed animal with somebody else at a distance away from the user. We would like to playtest this process with a variety of users at different ages for feedback and assess how we should move forward.


We have purchased and received an Arduino Yun, Wave Shield, SD Cards, Stuffed Animal (It’s a bear, again).

Need to order at DS1307 Chip = live time hip for Arduino


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  1. Great team! I am so glad you have a plan for action, a tentative timeline and parts list and a system diagram. We will talk more about this tomorrow! B_

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