Week 2 – Labs

This week we experimented the relationship between the Arduino program and the breadboards with an Arduino Uno and Leonardo.

Things that were accomplished with Arduino Uno are :

Writing code that programmed LED lights to flicker back and forth with a push of a switch.


Programming a potentiometer and LED to display the brightness value (which I should of recorded the value that I got but will test out again)


With the Leonardo, we created programs that controlled the mouse on our computers.

This is what my breadboard looked like when I used the photoresistors to control my computer mouse.


The next assignment was to used four push buttons to control the direction of my computer mouse. This was a little difficult at first, as this was the first time using the Arduino coding and I kept getting warning messages that the board was draining too much power from my computer – so the board would freeze and I would have to restart the program several times, but eventually it all worked out!


Here is a video of me using the push buttons to control my computer mouse!


I look forward to taking a creative initiative and applying what I’m learning here onto other projects.


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