Week 1: Labs

This was the first week exploring the Arduino starter kits, getting experience with the basics and building simple circuits on our breadboards. Below is a video of the product that came from completing  Labs: Electronics and Using the Multimeter/Switches. As seen in the video, I was able to successfully to build LED circuits, which were able to lite 1-3 LED lights in a series, as well as be controlled by switches and potentiometers. I was also able to have a switch control an LED light and a motor simultaneously. This all took great patience and much trial and error. It was helpful to have fellow PComp newbies to work alongside and collaborate in our failures and successes.

The last lab, Transistors, I had much more trouble with. I was able to build a transistor board that was able to run a motor

but was unable to control the motor with a switch.


Following the diagram that was provided in the lab precisely, I received assistance from John Farrell, a classmate in another PComp section, who clued me in on how to figure out a solution. To quote his blogOne of the diagrams was missing a ground, leaving a floating pin.  This caused the motor to get stuck being turned on.  The transistor needs to be in a grounded or voltage state, and the floating pin left it unable to decipher what state it was in. A path to ground allowed at outlet for the current, allowing the transistor to function properly as a switch.”


As I attempted to follow and duplicate his PComp breakthrough, I was still unsuccessful in getting the switch to control the motor through the transistor.


I understand the initial problem that the transistor needs to be grounded in order to decipher which state it should be in but unfortunately my attempts to replicate my classmate’s success fell short.

Feedback and suggestions are most certainly welcomed in this space.

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  1. This is great! Thank you so much for posting your successes and troubles. Please bring these up in class, we will have plenty of time to discuss and clarify today! B_

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